“Me and Mia” is one of the catchiest songs released last year. It’s unfortunate that the “radio” doesn’t play stuff like this, but we’ve got the internets now to hear music, so oh well.

Ted Leo + The Pharmacists is an indie rock band from New Jersey and consists of singer/guitarist/songwriter Ted Leo, bassist Dave Lerner and drummer Chris Wilson. After his previous band, Chisel, broke up in the late 1990s, Ted formed the Pharmacists.

A few records later, Dave Lerner and Chris Wilson became permanent members of the band in 2001, as did keyboard player Dorien Garry. The 2003 LP Hearts of Oak saw much critical praise. Garry left the band before the recording of last year’s Shake the Sheets, which has led them into their current setup as a power trio. The new record featured fewer obscure references and more overt political content than previous releases. 

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