If there were to be a theme song for modern unrequited love, “School Friends” from Now, Now would be a major contender. Simple, straightforward, and matter of fact, “School Friends” spends roughly three minutes serving something equivalent to an emotional punch in the gut. Second person in its entirety, the song never once flings an insult or accusation but rather uses a descriptive monotonous tone to hold up a mirror up to the subject.

Consisting primarily of pulsating synth and drumbeats, the fairly predictable and constant rhythm gives off the feeling of mindlessly driving through suburbia. Lead singer Cacie Dalager varies her vocals little but manages to get away with a relative lack of range thanks to her distinctive style and monotone voice that comes off as effectively reflective of the subject matter. The song picks up a bit towards the end, throwing in some more complicated drum and guitar rhythms to prevent the listener from finishing the song bored.

Lyrically, I would expect this song to particularly resonate with anyone who stumbles awkwardly though a modern culture of one-night stands. While musically there is little to cause surprise, I can give nothing but props to Now, Now for delivering such a sad song without any of the whininess that would typically be expected considering the subject matter. 

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Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca Edwards is a displaced Southerner trying to navigate the icy tundra of Midwestern winters. So far she has successfully made it out alive. When not watching Law and Order or eating cereal, Rebecca spends the majority of her time writing and finishing up her gender studies major at the University of Chicago.

  • Abi

    This song has a great instrumental track!