It is probably best to listen to this song while driving below the speed limit with the windows down after a long day of work, wherever that may be. Relaxing and energetic at the same time, “War Cry” is an atmospheric anthem that will get you through the toughest of days. It is the emotional vocals that draw the listener in at first, as the vocalist sings in such a way that separates As Elephants Are from a lot of other bands on the radio. His words are hushed and almost falsetto in sound, but do not get lost in the atmospheric sound of the track. Behind the vocals is an ambiance of music that has an almost electronic feel, with its active and steady drums and simple synth melodies. The result is an interesting and captivating blend of lively and soothing. Actually, this aspect would most likely make “War Cry” just as enjoyable at a live show as it would be blasting loudly from your car stereo.

The title of the song is fitting, though, despite the calming nature of the track. It is a powerful track that will have you singing along as if the lyrics are a war cry of your own.

“War Cry” is the brand new song by English-bred band As Elephants Are, and even though they are relatively new to the indie music scene, the group is starting strong with their brand new single. Their relaxed sound is addictive and enchanting. As Elephants Are is group to watch out for, so get ahead of the crowd, download “War Cry,” and let it soothe you after a long day. 

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Kathryn Doers

Kathryn Doers was a contributing writer for Jonk Music in 2012-2013.