You know that feeling you get when a song just stops you in your tracks? You’re trying to multi-task, do something that maybe is rather important, but all of the sudden you find yourself eyes closed just listening intently. Maybe it’s the beat, the melody, the instrumental solos, the lyrics, a shock of stunning vocals, impossible harmonies. Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things. It’s just one of those moments where you’re physically incapacitated and the only god damn thing you can do it turn up the volume and take it in.

S. Carey
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
The Shitty Barn
Spring Green, WI
7:15 PM; $15

Those moments. Those are what I live for. I viciously hunt for them. There is no better feeling. Well, I found a place that is capable of giving you that feeling all the time. It’s certainly due the quality of the musicians that play there, but it’s more than that. It’s the entire vibe. It’s too intimate to do anything but force you focus on the wonderful things that are happening 10 feet in front of you. You will be drawn in. So consider this your warning.

Contrary to the name, The Shitty Barn is anything but. It is a barn, though, that’s for sure, complete with concrete floors and iffy temperature control. Don’t shy away; that’s part of its charm. You’ll find it in the quaint town of Spring Green, about 45 minutes away from Madison. This is place that will take you in and make you a part of the Barn community, and believe me — you want to be a part of it. Every show gets capped at about 100 people, so you’re never going to get the overwhelming feeling that sometimes comes with bigger venues. This place will spoil you to no end in that respect. You’re not going to want to see a performer anywhere else. 

The fun doesn’t end there. There is no end of friendly conversation to be had at the Barn; it’s where I met some of my very favorite people. Furthermore beer and Hamm’s are proudly served at the bar, along with wine choices, and non-alcoholic beverages for the little ones. A happy addition to the Barn this year is the catering that will be provided at Wednesday shows. Enos Farms will be bringing their seasonal/organic/local skills over to the Barn to cook us all up something wonderful. This will be on a weekly rotating menu and will certainly not disappoint. The grills will still be set up in the yard for the more ambitious folks out there.

On Wednesday the season will kick off with the immensely talented S. Carey. The sound is a perfectly crafted blend of chill electronic noise and melodious vocal harmonies. It’s going to sweep over the crowd in an awesome wave and surely bring forth that overwhelming good feeling.

Don’t be a stranger, folks.

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Hillary Sprecher

Hillary Sprecher was a contributing writer to Jonk Music in 2013.