Jenn Wasner is no stranger to the music industry. One half of acclaimed duo Wye Oak, Wasner has been releasing inventive, colorful melodies since 2006… and, fortunately for us, she still cares. In a piece written on Medium, she says she’s content with her newest record, not because “it’s perfect” but because it says what she “wanted it to say.”

While it’s easy to think it may come effortlessly to a musician 10 years into the game, that’s not the case for Wasner. The album, Flock of Dimes’ If You See Me, Say Yes, is the result of an existential crisis. Driving across the country, Wasner struggled to reconcile her desire to be alone with her love for friends and family.

Of the resulting songs, “Everything is Happening Today” is a standout. Over an expansive, Peter Gabriel-esque soundscape, Wasner sings about her decisions collapsing inward. The song has same self-aware gravitas that made Bon Iver’s self-titled record so moving.

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