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Richard Swift

"Lady Luck"
from the album The Atlantic Ocean

And the award for "subverting skepticism regarding the hyperabundance of a trend by playing directly into that trend in the grandest possible manner, thus negating all reservations" once again goes to Richard Swift. Take the word "retro" and peel it away to its blissful core, because "Lady Luck" is straight romantic pop arrived like a lost gem from soul's golden era. Swift's an artist who places himself among the most classic crooners, rather than referencing them in a meek, cheeky, second-hand fashion. This track pulls all of its warmth from naturalism and sincerity — no fancy technical tricks, no synthetic voice correction, just a pristine vocal take with the with a powerful set of gilt and glistening lungs behind it. "Lady Luck, she is lovely..." — oh yes, she is. Swift's going to sound sweet for a long time to come, mainly because you won't be able to differentiate him from the very best artists who never went out of fashion after all these decades.

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