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Mixtape: Summer Jams ’11


Last year, our friend Jonk Music made us a sweet summer mix that included some of this summer's hot jams, including Cults, Foster the People, and The Naked and Famous. This year's mix has an electro haze, settling nicely into the mid-summer sweat. Grab a seat outside, put on your headphones, and watch the ice in your glass melt.

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100 TRACK 1
Bag Raiders

When I see your face
It's like sunlight dripping
100 TRACK 2
Hooray for Earth
"No Love"
This time no love
is what I need
But I want to (want to) learn
100 TRACK 3
"Friend Crush"
I want to ask your advice on a weekday
I want to plan something nice for the weekend
100 TRACK 4
Black Light Dinner Party
"Older Together"
Watch out in the rain
This time, this time I’ll wait
100 TRACK 5
Dirty Gold
"California Sunrise"
Where our love ends,
My end begins
100 TRACK 6
Painted Palms
"All of Us"
All we could do was keep watching
the waves hit our feet
100 TRACK 7
Milo Greene
You act like you don't know me
My god, you tempt my anxious mind
100 TRACK 8
Light Vibes
"Wish We Had"
I wish we had some more time so we
 could spend this tonight tomorrow
100 TRACK 9
I need a fix to put me to sleep
A permanent kick of what's kicking me
100 TRACK 10
Teen Daze
When I landed, I felt the surface move
I felt the crest of a wave crash over me
100 TRACK 11
Summer Camp
"I Want You"
If I could I'd kiss your lips so hard
your entire face would bruise
100 TRACK 12
Oregon Bike Trails
"High School Lover"
Ever since I saw you on the back of some guy's bicycle I've been feeling kinda so-so
100 TRACK 13
Blood Orange
"Sutphin Boulevard"
It's true
It's so true
100 TRACK 14
"You're the One"
Followed home by thoughts of you and your similarities to the girls I've always been attracted to
100 TRACK 15
"Make It Easy"
I could write it down so you know just what you should do
100 TRACK 16
"Glowing Mouth"
Burning our feet on an isolated beach as we throw everything we own into the sea
100 TRACK 17
"Late Summer"
I felt you breathing when you were asleep
I couldn't sleep
100 TRACK 18
Mozart Parties
"Black Cloud"
And the days go by and the mind won't fly
from the stubbornness of my own skin
100 TRACK 19
Grandpa Was a Lion
"In a Dream"
In a dream I swore I saw
you between two trees
and the trees were me and they fell
100 TRACK 20
"Don't Summarise My Summer Eyes"
Don't summarize...
my summer eyes...

Reader Comments (3)

Some really nice selections here. Thanks :)

June 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoel Ninety

Excellent. Thank you.

July 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterThe God Of Biscuits

Hi folks. Please note that Oregon Bike Trails has changed its name to Cayucas. Debut album Bigfoot was just released a couple weeks ago, which includes track 12 above "High School Lover".

May 9, 2013 | Registered CommenterJonk Music

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