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Zulu Winter

"We Should Be Swimming"
from the single We Should Be Swimming

BY DAVID RUIZ | Jonk Music

The London-based group Zulu Winter has been cautious in approaching their rising status as a buzz band, but with their second single in anticipation of their LP (to be released May 2012), they might not be able to shed that designation. The five members of the group have been decidedly quiet in an industry that both demands and scoffs at self-promotion. Their confident single reaps the rewards of the band's insular vision. "We Should be Swimming" is replete with catchy strains of guitar and bubbling synths. The track's structure is anchored by the glacial chorus, which neatly contains the manic impulses in the rest of the song. This single shows a more calculated side to Zulu Winter in comparison to their first single "Never Leave," and hopefully their album captures both the craftsmanship and sentiment of the young band.

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